Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Shredding
We can deploy our hard drive shredding truck to your location or you can ship your drives to our Denver location.

Hard Drive Wipe
NIST certified wiping services are available to remove any data from a hard drive or other digital media.

Hard Drive Degaussing
With our HD-1T NSA approved and certified degausser we are able to erase all types of data.

We offer a variety of data destruction and digital media sanitation services to fit your requirements and insure you are in compliance with your industry. We provide a certificate of data destruction for all levels of service. This along with a detailed report listing each unique serial number gives you complete accountability of each digital media device.

We offer competitive pricing for all our destruction and sanitation services to include volume discounts or locked in long term rates to give you the best discounts.

Type of media we shred:

hard drive shredding destroy

Hard Drives

solid state hard drive destruction

Solid State

usb flash drive destroy

USB/Flash Drives

backup tape destruction


cd dvd destruction


phone pda destroy


On-site Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

Data Destruction offers a state-of-the-art mobile hard drive shredding service. Our truck can be deployed to your facility for on-site physical data destruction, with a capacity of shredding over 500 drives per hour.

We don’t just hire anyone to pilot our mobile shredders. Our drivers have to pass our CDOT 10 panel drug testing, back ground checks and DMV checks. In addition, they are all trained and certified with process and ethics training.

We will scan in each unique serial number of your hard drive into our database and provide a detailed report of our certified data destruction. You can also choose to have the event recorded giving you complete accountability of each drive shredded. The video will show the face of the hard drive to be destroyed and show our on-site destroyer feeding the drive into the shredder.

Ship and Destroy your Hard Drives

Data Destruction makes it easy and secure to ship hard drives to our corporate office in Denver, CO for certified wiping, physical shredding, and recycling. Military grade Pelican Cases are used for safe and secure shipping. These containers are the world’s toughest, most secure containers available. After determining the size needed, we ship a case to you followed by an email with your encrypted unique lock code to be used for return shipping. Fill, lock, and securely ship the case back to us. You can be confident with the complete “chain of custody” from your office to ours. Call for pricing.

You pay one price based on the size of container, shipping included…no hassle!

small hard drive shipping case

Small Destruction Case (SMDC 25)
Holds approximately 25
desktop hard drives

medium hard drive shipping case

Medium Destruction Case (MDDC50)
Holds approximately 50
desktop hard drives

large hard drive shipping case

Large Destruction Case (LGDC100)
Holds approximately 100
desktop hard drives

You can choose to have the hard drives wiped and recycled, or physically shredded and recycled. Either way, the Data is destroyed!

NIST Certified Wipe Services

NIST 800-88 is an approved National Institute of Standards and Technology method of sanitizing electronic data from hard drives and other electronic media. Media sanitation is a process of removing data from hard drives and other digital media devices. This process of wiping can only be done if the digital media can be read. For example if the hard drive is physically damaged, data wiping a drive will not be possible resulting in shredding as the preferred sanitation option. Our secure wiping room is equipped with full video recording and cypher locks. Authorized personnel are only allowed in the wipe room. All media is logged into our database and a certificate of destruction is provided which is in compliance with National Institute of Standards and Technology standards for your protection.

NIST logo

Department of Defense (DoD) Certified Wiping and Destruction Services

This practice of sanitation is actually overwriting the sectors of the hard drive with either 3 or 7 passes over the drive using different characters with each pass and then random characters on the last pass. Each company’s requirements might be slightly different so we can set up the algorithms with our DoD approved software to meet your needs. This practice is only feasible if the media has the ability to write to the sectors. Our practice is to shred the media if there are physical issues and we are unable to over-write the hard drive 3 to 7 times.

Our secure wiping room is equipped with full video recording and cypher locks. Authorized personnel are only allowed in the wipe room. All media is logged into our database and a certificate of destruction is provided which is in compliance with the Department of Defense standards for your protection.

department of defense logo

On-site Mobile Degaussing Services

Degaussing is the process of reducing or eliminating an unwanted magnetic data stored on tape and disk media such as computer and laptop hard drives, diskettes, reels, cassettes and cartridge tapes. Once this media is exposed to the powerful magnetic field of a degausser, the stored data is erased and is no longer retrievable. Data Destruction uses an HD-1T NSA approved and certified Degausser which can be used to erase all types of classified and sensitive information.

hard drive degausser

On-site Data Eraser Services

For those businesses and government facilities that want to keep their media on premise, we offer nationwide on-site data eraser services. This is an excellent option for those who are interested in maintaining their assets for re-use. This service is typically done for larger volumes. Please call us to inquire and schedule.

  • Server room break-down
  • Keep classified or critical media on premise
  • Certified data eraser services to maintain your digital assets on-site
hard drive data erasing