Terms & Conditions

Data Destruction takes great pride to insure our client’s media is destructed to the specifications they require. The client understands and agrees that once we have completed our assignment there is no going back and recovering the data. Client agrees and accepts the terms and conditions with the submission of the work order, before any work begins. This is accomplished by clicking the “agree to terms and conditions” button on our website.

If our client wishes to use a wipe or eraser service, rendering the media useful and re-usable, they agree and understand that if the media crashes or is physically unable to complete the task during the process, Data Destruction will physically shred the media. This is done to protect the client and prevent any data breach.

Client agrees to pay for services rendered, prior to any work being performed. Lastly, client will receive a certificate of destruction unless they opt out by signing the Opt-Out form. The process of providing a certificate of destruction unless a customer opts-out is in compliance with NAID (The National Association of Information Destruction, Inc.)